Rear Axle Bearing 6004ll (Fits Select Models)

Rear Axle Bearing 6004ll (Fits Select Models)

Part #: CP200158

Product Details

Rear Axle Bearing.

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Features & Benefits

  • Works with E-Z-GO Electric models from 1981-present
  • Works with 1978-1995 Columbia/Harley Davidson 2-cycle Gas models
  • Works with 1978 & up Columbia/Harley Davidson electric models (OEM #82705-78)
  • Works with 1978-1992 2-cycle Gas EZGO models
  • Works with 1978 & up electric EZGO models (OEM #15112-G1)
  • Works with 1978-1981 Yamaha G1 Gas and electric models (OEM #93306-00444)


Mfg Part # 3870
OEM Cross Reference # BRG EZ0 15112 B1, BSH YA 04X5 B1, BRG ML 3870 BU, 82705-78 CO, CP15112-G1 CP, 808074 CU, 57015 DA, BRNG-015 EC, BRNG-3270 EC, ZBRNG-009 EC, ZBRNG-011 EC, ZBRNG-015 EC, ZBRNG-018 EC, 15112G1 EZ, 15112-G1 EZ, 620343 EZ, 70181G01 EZ, 70181-G01 EZ, 2-005 FP, GC1-201210 HY, 82705-78 IMC, 556254 JB, LVB870 LV, 320168 ME, 14408 NR, 93306-00416 YA, 93306-00441 YA, 93306-00444 YA, 93306-004X5-00 YA,

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