Delta Q Charger

Finding the right Delta Q Charger for your golf cart, electric utility vehicle, and other platforms. You will find all the information you need for the proper Delta Q Charger whether you need an on-board or off-board charger. These golf cart battery chargers are used on Club Car, Yamaha, EZGO, Columbia & ParCar models. In addition, we make it easy to make sure your battery charger is programmed for your 72V, 48V, 36V & 24V battery system. All you have to know is the batteries you plan to install as well as the battery pack configuration. With over 100 algorithms, making sure your Delta Q charger is programmed promptly is important for the long term health of your batteries. We offer free shipping on all battery chargers and provide all the charger specifications you need to help aid in your decision making process.

Delta Q Charger Peak Performance

The Delta Q Battery Charger is is a highly durable and efficient on- or off-board charging solution that is able to operate on any single-phase grid worldwide. With a 93% peak energy efficiency rate, the battery charger comes programmed with 10 lab-validated algorithm based charge profiles for specific brands or amp-hour ranges of lead acid and lithium mbattery packs. We tell our customers to select their appropriate battery brand information and battery type to assist in achieving battery charging flexibility. The Delta Q chargers have been built for a number of different of industrial and commercial grade applications allowing it to be one of the best chargers available on the market for your vehicle.

Delta Q

Delta Q Technologies provides power management and power conversion solutions that improve the overall performance of your electric vehicle. Due to this, Delta-Q Technologies is a leading provider of battery charging solutions that improve the performance and reliability of electric drive vehicles along with commercial and industrial equipment. This golf cart battery charger is appropriate for your golf cart batteries specifically. The Delta Q QuiQ line of Golf Cart battery chargers are extremely reliable with charging quality that is bar none. Combine that with the ease of use and integration and you have a worldwide leader in Golf Cart Charger technology. All Delta-Q QuiQ Battery chargers are produced at a Flex facility(formerly Flextronics) in the High Reliability Solutions division for assembling products with long service life and very low defect rate requirements.