205/50-10 Kenda Pro Tour Low-profile Tire (No Lift Required)

205/50-10 Kenda Pro Tour Low-profile Tire (No Lift Required)

Part #: CP205313

Product Details

Our versatile selection of golf cart tires can be used on or off the fairway. Each tire has been designed to provide traction without excessive wear and tear.

Tread Classification:

  • Street / Golf Course
  • Tire Specifications:

  • 205/50-10 4-Ply
  • Kenda Low-Profile Pro Tour
  • No Lift Kit Required
  • Please note that this does not include the wheel
  • Looking for a new set of wheels to go with your new tires? Call to Inquire

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    $93.45 $62.96

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    Mfg Part # 10462
    OEM Cross Reference # T14 1810 B1, 10462 BU, CPT5900 CP, TIR-224 EC, TIR-K399 EC, ZTIR-224 EC, ZTIR-K399 EC, 9-303B FP, K399 GW, 17578 IMC, TIRA03C02432 SSTIRE, TIRC03C024032080B SSTIRE, TIRC03C024032080D SSTIRE, TIRC03C024032080K SSTIRE, TIRC03C024032086K SSTIRE, TIRC03C024032088P SSTIRE, TIRC03C024032090K SSTIRE, TIRC03C024032090P SSTIRE, TIRC03C024032091B SSTIRE, TIRC03C024032095K SSTIRE, TIRC03C024032101J SSTIRE, TIRC03C024032107P SSTIRE, tirc03c024032109h SSTIRE, TIRC03C024032110D SSTIRE, TIRC03C024032110K SSTIRE, TIRC03C024208106H SSTIRE, TIRC03C024208106K SSTIRE, TIRC03C02432088D SSTIRE, TIRC03C02432101H SSTIRE, TIRC03C02432108K SSTIRE, tirc03c02432108p SSTIRE, TIRC03C02432109H SSTIRE, TIRC03C02432109K SSTIRE, TIRC03C02432109P SSTIRE, tirc03c02432110d SSTIRE, TIRC03C02432110H SSTIRE, TIRC03C02432110K SSTIRE, TIRC03C02432110O SSTIRE, TIRC03C02432110P SSTIRE, TIRC03C02432110Z SSTIRE, tirc03c02432112p SSTIRE, TIRC03C02432116S SSTIRE, TIRC03C02432124F SSTIRE, TIRC03C02432125H SSTIRE, TIRC03C02432147K SSTIRE, TIRC03C02432151N SSTIRE, TIRC08C024032084H SSTIRE, TIRC08C024032084K SSTIRE, TIRC08C024032089H SSTIRE, TIRC08C024032089K SSTIRE, TIRC08C024032093H SSTIRE, TIRC08C024032098H SSTIRE, TIRC08C024032098K SSTIRE

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