8x7 White Steel 5-Hole Wheel (Centered)

8x7 White Steel 5-Hole Wheel (Centered)

Part #: CP205347

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Adding a personal touch to your golf car doesn't have to be complicated. Here at CartPros we have the largest selection of golf car wheels on the market so it couldn't be any easier! Pick a tire to match, and we will mount them at no additional charge.

$28.55 $16.95

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Mfg Part # 40566
OEM Cross Reference # 9-316 FP, W8705RW GW, TIRB07A204082B SSWHEEL, TIRC01C02270082B SSWHEEL, TIRC01C02314082B SSWHEEL, TIRC01H022023082B SSWHEEL, TIRC02C022068082B SSWHEEL, TIRC02C022079R082B SSWHEEL, TIRC02D02268082B SSWHEEL, TIRC03B034036082B SSWHEEL, TIRC03C02268082B SSWHEEL, TIRC04C022024082B SSWHEEL, TIRC04C022068082B SSWHEEL, tirc04c02279b082b SSWHEEL, TIRC04H01624082B SSWHEEL, TIRC05C02233082B SSWHEEL, TIRC05C03433082B SSWHEEL, TIRC23C022068082B SSWHEEL