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Exactly what I needed, the part fit perfect and was described accuratly.

Mike / Charleston, SC

Love my new battery charger, I researched many options on cart pros and this one is amazing.

James / Jupiter, FL

This lift kit is so awesome, makes my cart look amazing, thanks for helping me choose!

Tony / Agusta, GA

The BEST customer service by far on any golf carting parts website!

Jennifer / Woodland Hills, CA

We needed a ton fo parts for our fleet carts and cart pros delivered and fast, thanks again guys!

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If you need a hard to find part, give these guys a call. Amazing customer service A+++

Samantha / Austin, TX

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It’s not uncommon for a golf cart to get a faulty battery, or say a broken windshield. Like any piece of machinery, getting a part changed is just part of the process. Other than maintenance, replacements can also mean lift kit upgrades or a bigger set of wheels that just seem to bring out the essence of the vehicle. It could also be as small as replacing an old key, or changing it with a push button to start your vehicle with ease. Whatever replacement means for you, change is inevitable. Buggies unlimited has been around as the major supplier, however CartPros carries the most complete catalog of cart parts on the market. This is why this article shortlists the most replaced golf cart parts which you’re likely to run into. Whether it’s a Yamaha, Columbia, EZGO, Club Car, Taylor Dunn, Tomberlin or any other brand, CartPros sells the full breadth part replacements. Here are some of the most commonly replaced golf cart parts and accessories.

Battery Cables

Battery cables require replacement after a certain time period. Factors such as corrosion play a central role in decreasing the life of battery cables, along with fraying and other factors as well. A dirty and corroded battery cable outlives its purpose and can become a problem when required. This is why it’s good practice to replace the battery cables for your golf cart after they accumulate dirt or corrode. Given the fact that they’re inexpensive and readily available, replacement becomes convenient.

Battery cables for your golf cart act as a link for your battery, charging system, and load. A standard battery cable with 6-gauge thickness usually does the trick. Battery cables with higher performance can be sought in 4-gauge and 2-gauge thickness. A smaller gauge of the cable implies a thicker cable.

Golf Cart Solenoids & Contactors

The solenoid is a silent friend, always working in the background whenever you use your golf cart or not. It activates when you press your foot on the pedal, and accelerate your golf cart. As such, it remains an integral part of your vehicle that demands replacement given its heavy use.

The solenoid is designed to act as a switch of sorts, which activates the motor to move your vehicle. The battery feeds the motor current, which it can only do when the solenoid allows it to. The solenoid provides such access whenever you put your feet on the pedal.

In case the solenoid completely stops working, your golf cart will not accelerate and thus fail to work. To know if your solenoid is close to failure, look at the following two indicators:

If the solenoid is going bad, the golf cart will fail to accelerate sometimes and sometimes it will work. A ‘clicking’ sound is heard when the accelerator is pressed during normal use. You will fail to hear the click if the solenoid is faulty.

Lift Kits

Golf cart lift kits are probably a golf cart owner’s favorite pick from this list. While they might not seem as essential as our other picks on this list, they stand as one of the most purchased golf cart items in the market. Most often new lift kits are required when replacing your old tires with newer and larger tires. With larger tires, your golf cart will need a lift kit to create space within the golf cart itself. Hence, both tires and lift kits can seem to go hand in hand.

While some individuals get their tires replaced because they just like bigger ones, others need them when driving their golf cart through rough terrains. Lift kits available in the market range in their applications, and provide customizability for your golf cart. They also offer a chance to upgrade your golf cart and make it better.

Wheels & Tires

Car enthusiasts will understand the importance of getting your own set of tires. The ‘feel’ of the wheels and tires is something we just can’t put down in words. This might possibly the reason why they are one of the most replaced golf cart parts in the market. While some cart owners might simply need a tire replacement as the old ones have gone bust, most cart owners like to customize their vehicle. As mentioned earlier, another reason is that some rough terrains demand a set of wheels that can handle the area the golf cart runs over.

Wheels and tires replacements open your options up to a world of possibilities, allowing you to choose the size, style, and color. Golf cart tires usually range between heights of 18″ to 23″. These tires can mount on golf cart wheels ranging between sizes of 8″ to 14″. When getting the tires replaced, the most important factor to keep in mind is the tire size.


Previously, golf carts didn’t come with windshields but manufacturers are realizing their importance and have started to include them in newer golf cart models. As golf cart owners start understanding their importance, the demand also grows when the time comes for a replacement. Replacements are often required when the windshield cracks or accumulates scratches, which can reduce visibility. Without it, you can start getting bothered by the dust, wind, or bugs that you might be exposed to.


Mirrors make up a significant portion of the total golf cart part replacements. This is because most often built-in side view or rear view mirrors don’t have the same appeal. The built-in mirrors are also often small in size which can limit the ability to see while driving and can potentially be dangerous. This is why most cart owners prefer to replace these with better ones in order to feel comfortable while driving. That’s why, among the commonly replaced golf cart parts and accessories, mirrors have a significant market demand.

Keys & Keyswitches

Often overlooked possibly because they blend into the background, keys also make up a large part of the total golf cart part replacements. Since golf is an outdoor activity, most often the keys of the cart can get misplaced. Sometimes cart keys break as well. Whatever the case, it’s also recommended to keep an extra pair of keys.

Steering Wheels

The steering wheels of your golf cart can also demand a replacement given their heavy use. Replacing a golf cart’s steering wheel is a commonplace phenomenon, and makes up a large part of the total golf cart parts replacement market.

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