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Taylor Dunn Parts

Taylor Dunn is one of the leading providers of commercial and industrial vehicle solutions. They have a massive range of LPG, electrical, and gas powered vehicles which are already being used in the industry and businesses all over the United States and the rest of the world all of which use various types of Taylor Dunn parts on the units.

They offer custom features for the vehicles that are offered by them. The custom features range from a specialized paint job to the reconstruction of the vehicle's frame. You can expect nothing by high-quality goods when buying products from Taylor Dunn.

History of Taylor Dunn

Taylor Dunn had humble beginnings as they started by supporting local farms. Over the years, they grew much larger as they started supporting a huge variety of groups and businesses which include schools, airports, hospitals, warehouses, amusement parks, manufacturing plants, and the United States military.

The company started selling carts to the different ranches and nurseries that were located anywhere between and including San Diego and Simi Valley. This happened after Fred Dunn who was Taylor Dunn’s son-in-law joined the company in 1951.

Ultimately, after many different endeavors, Taylor Dunn changed up their business and moved away from selling golf carts to focus on industrial and commercial vehicles. This is where they are today, and they are still going strong and providing great products that are shipped all around the world.

What Vehicles Does Taylor Dunn Offer?

Taylor Dunn offers so many different vehicles that can be used to speed up and make efficient different tasks that need to be carried out in the industry and commercially. These vehicles can be seen below.

Personnel Carriers

These vehicles are environmentally friendly and allow for the transporting of up to 8 passengers at a time.


This vehicle can be used to carry personnel or burden during the daily operations that take place. It is a versatile vehicle that provides great value for money.


This vehicle provides a great solution for transporting personnel around the work environment. Whether it is executives, security, maintenance, or any other working personnel.


This vehicle has a seating capacity of 8 on its own. It was created to allow for the towing of a personnel trailer which will let much more personnel be transported. Other Taylor Dunn parts can be equipped as well.

Utility Vehicles

This category includes both gas and electric powered vehicles that provide the ideal performance to complete the necessary tasks.


This is an outdoor gas powered vehicle that offers great assistance to maintenance experts in many different industries and commercial businesses.


This is an electric powered vehicle which is intended for indoor and outdoor use. It was ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue and discomfort.

Bigfoot XL

This is a much larger version of the Bigfoot and has a heavier payload and towing capabilities. The operators compartment is also larger to help the operator work with more ease, efficiency, and comfort.

Custom Solutions

When you need a unique solution, Taylor Dunn will design and manufacture a vehicle which will provide the best solution for the situation. This custom vehicle will match your exact specifications and will be made to the highest quality that can only be expected of Taylor Dunn products. Some examples can be seen below.

Bigfoot Ambulance

This has been customized and has equipped a full gurney and non-marking tires.

Bigfoot Emergency

This vehicle has been customized to include a deluxe cab, three double-locking door, siren, PA system, and so much more.

R-380 Security

This vehicle has been customized to help with security at different events such as amusement parks and fairs. This vehicle can be equipped with different Taylor Dunn parts such as sirens, a PA system, a steel box, load speakers, and more.

Other Types of vehicles that Taylor Dunn offers

There are many different types of vehicles that Taylor Dunn offers. Some have already been mentioned, such as the personnel carriers, utility vehicles, and custom solutions. There are many others which include.

Stock Chasers

These vehicles are very maneuverable down slim aisles and offer great assistance in obtaining the materials which are required. Tow Tractors

There are a huge variety of these vehicles which are designed to help meet the demanding requirements present in factories.

Industrial Carts

These help with increasing productivity as they let you haul a lot more materials at a time.

All of these vehicles can be customized to specifically help the businesses that require them.

The Different Parts Which Are Used On Taylor Dunn Vehicles

There is a wide variety of Taylor Dunn parts that are offered which help with the maintenance and replacement of vehicles and vehicle parts. Some of the general parts which are offered for Taylor Dunn vehicles can be seen listed below. These are some of the general parts which are offered, as Taylor Dunn has so much more to offer when they are customizing vehicles to meet the specifications.

  • Bearings
  • Forks
  • Lights
  • Alarms
  • Wheels
  • Contactor parts
  • Seats
  • Brake parts
  • Tires
  • Steering
  • Switches
  • Gauges
  • Heating – Upon Request Only
  • Air Conditioning - Upon Request Only

  • Each part has its own variations as these Taylor Dunn parts need to be fitted in different types of vehicles, so the same parts cannot all be used to service every type of vehicle that Taylor Dunn has to offer. There are separate parts available for the different models that Taylor Dunn has. These parts can be found at your local authorized Taylor Dunn dealer.

    Your local authorized Taylor Dunn dealer can be found using the Taylor Dunn website. All you need to do is search by City, State, or Zip Code. Depending on the way the vehicle is used and maintained, a Taylor Dunn vehicle can last 15 years or even longer. You can also find replacement vehicle owners manuals at Taylor Dunn’s and when you are buying Taylor Dunn parts for your vehicle, be sure to find what you need here at CartPros.

    Taylor Dunn parts of the highest quality are offered at CartPros. And, if you can’t find what you are looking for, then feel free to give us a call or shoot us a quick email and we will be happy to help you locate the right parts for your vehicle on the first try.

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