Faster Golf Cart With Plum Quick Bandit

Ryan Fenters of Fentertainment Installs Plum Quick Bandit Motor

What’s going on guys? I just picked up this 2014 Club Car Precedent and the first upgrade we’re going to do is make this thing faster. Right now it is doing about twelve-miles per hour but with the help of a Plum Quick motor, it’s going to go a lot faster.

Removing the Existing Motor

All right, so getting started we want to place the cart in the off position. Underneath the seat is going to be a tow/run switch. We want to put this switch into tow mode and I like to remove the positive battery cable to the pack just in case any of the wires decide to touch each other.

In order to access the motor, there’s going to be a motor cover and once you have the two clips removed, go ahead and take the cover itself and slide up with it. The motor has four wires on it and there’s a speed sensor plug on the right-hand side of the motor, the passenger’s side of the golf cart.

The first thing I like to do is get my cellphone out and take a picture of where the wires go. That way when we get the new Plum Quick motor in, we’ll know which wires go where.

Now, once you have the access cover off, you can wipe off the motor to get the numbers so you can send in the Plum Quick.

Now we have all four wires removed from the motor. The next step, we need to release this connector going to the speed sensor. We just need to push it down and pull it away and the motor is fully disconnected from the golf cart electrically. Take the wires and move them out the way.

What’s holding the motor onto the axle is three bolts. I’m just going to take a 7/16-inch wrench to remove those bolts. Now go ahead and just note this motor’s very heavy, so it’s not just going to unbolt and pop right off. There’s a shaft and we’re going to have to slide it off the shaft. Once you have all the bolts loose, go ahead and remove them by hand. All three bolts are out, now the motor is just going to spin by itself. We need to remove the motor away from the axle and now we have the motor out.

Before you package your motor up and send it to Plum Quick, be sure to remove the speed sensor so it doesn’t get damaged in shipping. Retain this as you’re going to need this for the new motor. To remove this, you can use a flathead or a 5/16 socket wrench.

Installing the New Plum Quick Bandit Motor

The motor I opted for is the Plum Quick Bandit. This is the entry-level motor, it runs about $275. The motor comes painted, it comes with a handle on it, it’s got new studs with nuts on it. Very clean motor and you’re just going to have to add your speed sensor to it, bolt it on to the cart and go. They make tons of other motors that does various things from just speed or just torque.

These guys have been in business since the early eighties and its a family business that started with their father, Carson and two brothers Ricky and Robby Steen. Plum Quick also holds the World Records and the Guinness Book World Record for the fastest golf cart.

All right guys, here is the motor it showed up today. Let’s get started.

This is the PH Bandit and my cart is a PH cart. There’s the Excel controller and everything on this golf cart. This is the Bandit and it’s got the handle here, they’ve given us some new studs.

The speed sensor and everything is back on. Next we need to get our wrenches ready and place it back on the cart. We’re going to slide the motor through the opening and we’re going to place the female shaft onto the male shaft at the rear end.

Once we have the motor sitting on the rear end shaft, we’re going to take our mounting hardware and going to rotate the housing of the motor until the male threads drop into the female threads and we’re going to tighten them down.

There is a slight gap and we’re not going to make the mounting bolts compress the motor but going to continually rotate the motor, rock it back and forth so that we can eliminate this gap before we tighten the bolts.

We need to connect the wires back to the motor. Remember we took a picture of how the wires went. The golf cart is off, and it is in tow mode. I think we had green at the large connector and we had orange here and that’s what we’re going to do to put those back together.

The back wires are the ones that you cannot see, the 7/16 are going to be blue, the half-inch is going to be white. I’m just starting with my hand and we’ll tighten them up. Now as we have all the wires done, we’ll go ahead and snap together this triangle connector on the end of the motor until it locks into place. Everything is now back together and everything is tight.

We can go ahead and put the cover back on it and install the clips and take it for a ride.

All right guys, once you have the motor and everything in place, we need to change it from the tow to the run position. We also need to re-hook up the power wire to the battery.

All right, there you go guys. This Plum Quick Bandit motor upgrade took this stock golf cart from 12 miles per hour max up to 23 miles per hour max. Not bad when you consider the batteries are roughly two years old in this golf cart.

Until next time, guys, we’ll see you later.

Ryan Fenters is the founder of the popular YouTube Channel called Fentertainment. Ryan creates DYI videos of, in his own words… “dedicated to making, painting, building, modifying and fixing things…”

His golf-cart-related DYI videos are very informative and we thought it would be a good idea to transcribe them for you.

This is the first video in a four-part series where Ryan transforms a 2014 Club Car Precedent. In it, Ryan shows us step-by-step how to upgrade the motor to double the speed using a Plum Quick Bandit motor.


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