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Motor Brush Assembly


Charger Parts & Cables

Electrical Cable, 4 Gauge, 8.75



Thrust Washer

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Universal Key Switch for 2001+


Columbia Par Car Electric Vehicle Parts & Accessories

CartPros is your exclusive provider of official OEM Columbia Par Car parts. Years ago, Columbia ParCar changed its name to the Columbia Vehicle Group. The Par Car brand name is no longer being used. From now on, Columbia electric vehicles are built for industrial and commercial purposes while Tomberlin resides as the retail arm for the company. We can get you access to Tomberlin Parts as well if needed. We carry all the parts and manuals for each model built by Columbia. This includes the following:

Payloader BC Parts

Summit SM Parts

Stockchaser IS-12 Parts

Chariot CR-10 Parts

Eagle P5 Parts

Eagle P4 Parts

Journeyman Parts

Expediter Parts

MVP Parts

Now we know this covers a wide range of models, and you are probably curious as to which ones are considers parcar golf carts and which ones are commercial vehicle. Well, we have made it easy for you to identify the type of Columbia or ParCar vehicle you have. Using our visual walk through we created, you can identify the type of unit you own. In addition, we also carry all the Columbia Par Car Service & Part manuals. you may need to help fix your unit. We hope this helps you fulfill all your part needs for your Columbia or ParCar elecrtic vehicles.

Columbia Golf Cart Parts