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Batteries & Chargers

Batteries are the heart of the golf cart and there is a broad range of quality in the battery and battery charger market. We are here to help you navigate the perfect battery solution for your cart. has the largest selection of batteries and chargers at the best prices. We take pride in our world class customer service and we will help you find exactly what you’re looking for and answer all your questions about batteries and chargers!

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Golf Cart Charger

There are many trusted-brands that are available for purchase when it comes to golf cart battery chargers. There are so many great choices whether you want a 36 Volt golf cart charger or a 48 Volt golf cart charger. You need to be able to rely on these chargers to provide power and last a long time, so you can effectively use them to charge your golf cart and not need to continuously replace them frequently.

Choose the Correct Golf Cart Charger

There are a few steps that you can go through to figure out which golf cart charger that you need to buy. These steps can be seen below, so just follow them and you will know soon enough.

Step One: What is Your Golf Cart’s Voltage?

First you need to identify the voltage of your golf cart. The charger you buy needs to match the voltage of your golf cart, or the batteries of the golf cart could be damaged. This will cause them to need to be replaced which will cost a lot more money. Do not make this mistake, be sure of the voltage before you purchase the golf chargers.

36 Volt Golf Carts = 36 Volt Golf Cart Charger

48 Volt Golf Carts = 48 Volt Golf Cart Charger

How do you find out what voltage your golf cart is?

You will need to take a look at the battery bank of the golf cart which is usually located under the seat of the cart. If this isn’t the case for you, a simple online search about your golf cart model can help, if you don’t figure it out yourself. Once you see the batteries, count them and the ‘fill holes’. Each ‘fill hole’ has a value of 2 Volts, so if there are 3 ‘fill holes’ in a battery, multiply that by 2 and you will have 6 Volts in total. Now multiply this total voltage of one battery with the number of batteries in the golf cart. Then you will have the golf cart’s voltage.

Step Two: What Plug Type is Right for Your Golf Cart?

Different golf carts will need different types of plug heads to be charged. There are many different types of plug heads available on the market, so you need to purchase the golf charger that has the right type of head to fit into your golf carts receptacle. The major types of charges in the market are as follows:

Club Car Battery Chargers

EZGO Battery Chargers

Yamaha Battery Charger

Columbia ParCar Battery Chargers

Figuring this out is not going to be difficult. All you need to do is take a look at your golf cart’s receptacle and compare it with the available charge plug heads and identify the correct one. You can also compare the charger compatibility with your golf cart make and model.

Important Information You Need to Know When Looking to Buy a Golf Cart Charger

How Much Does it Cost to Repair A Golf Cart Battery Charger?

This will depend on the type of charger. Usually, the estimate would be around the $150 to $250 price range. So make sure that you take care of the charger and handle it with care, as well as store it properly.

The Golf Cart Battery Charger is not Working. What Should You do?

This is a common question that a lot of people experience and there are several things that can be done to try and resolve this issue. These can be seen mentioned below. So try these out before you start panicking and thinking about buying another golf cart battery charger. The first thing to figure out is when was the last time you charged your golf cart’s batteries. This is an important question because if it has been a long time since you charged the batteries or the batteries are really old, they might not have enough voltage in them. There is a minimum amount of voltage that batteries need to have in order for the charger to start charging them. This is usually around the 25 Volts range.

So, What Should You do?

Well you need to get some voltage back into the batteries if they don’t have enough. How do you do this? Depending on the size of the batteries your golf cart has, there will be different methods that will be best to get some life back into the batteries. You can use a regular 12 Volt or 24 Volt battery charger for a car or boat to increase the voltage of the golf cart batteries back to the minimum requirement for the newer golf cart battery chargers to start charging. The other option is to use a golf cart battery recovery unit which will jump start the golf cart to get the charger to start doing its job.

Important Lesson to Remember

Letting your golf cart batteries drain their voltage and go dead is extremely bad for the batteries. This will cause their life expectancy to get cut short. You will then need to spend more money on battery replacements more frequently. Remember to properly take care of the golf cart’s batteries and to regularly perform maintenance work.

How Long do You Need to Charge Your Golf Cart Battery?

You should charge your golf cart for around 8 hours or more. Of course if you use it for only a short time then it won’t need to be charged as long to have a fully charged battery. But the newer golf cart battery chargers are designed to charge batteries until they are fully charged and then they will stop charging. So you don’t need to worry about over charging and damaging the golf cart’s batteries. Another thing to keep in mind is that the larger golf cart battery chargers will make noise when they are charging. This is completely normal and there is nothing to worry about if you start hearing noises. This will let you know that the golf chargers are doing their job and your golf cart’s batteries are being charged. It is beneficial for the batteries to be fully charged at all times. So remember to charge the batteries every night.