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Golf Cart Wheels & Rims

Looking for a wide variety of golf cart wheels & rims? Well then you have come to the right spot! CartPros offers a diverse selection of golf cart wheels 10 to 14 inches big. We even carry 8 inch golf cart wheels as well if you are not looking to upgrade to something bigger. Some carts may require the additional height from a lift kit in order for them to fit and may even require a wheel spacer depending on what you are looking to install. Feel free to give us a call to find out what wheels and rims will work on your cart. We also have all the golf cart tires you need to go on your unit as well. Our various 8 inch golf cart rims and bigger can be configured with the appropriate sized golf tire as well depending on what your needs are. No matter what, CartPros is here to help you get the golf cart rims, wheels or tires you need today!

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